What's MYLINE?

Meet MYLINE, a wonderful service that lets you choose your telephone company.

MYLINE Carrier Selection Service and MYLINE PLUS Carrier Designation Service make your telephone more user-friendly because MYLINE services let you preselect the telephone company that you want to use. With MYLINE, you don't need to bother dialing your telephone company's access code (a number prefix like 00XY). This not only saves time but also makes using your telephone easier and more convenient than ever.


MYLINE MYLINE Carrier Selection Service

With this service, you won't need to dial an access code any more once you've registered your telephone company selection in each category.
But you still will have the option of using other telephone companies. All you do is to dial their access code. And if you have a phone with special functions like ACR*, your phone will still select the telephone company automatically, even if you've registered a different telephone company.
Please contact your telephone company if you have questions about ACR and other special functions.

*ACR (Automatic Carrier Routing): a function that automatically selects the telephone company (formerly called LCR or Least Cost Routing).

MYLINE PLUS MYLINE PLUS Carrier Designation Service

MYLINE PLUS is for people who want to always use the same telephone company. MYLINE PLUS designates one telephone company as your regular registered service provider in each category. With MYLINE PLUS you always call through your designated telephone company, even if you happen to dial a different telephone company's access code.
What if there is an earthquake or other emergency and you can't use the telephone company you've registered? In that case, you can use a different telephone company. Just dial the prefix "122" to temporarily cancel your registration, followed by the access code of the other telephone company.