Making Calls While You Wait for Registration Completion

If you already have applied and are waiting for services to begin, please remember to first dial the telephone company's access code when you want to use the telephone company/companies that you selected in your application. This dialing procedure is only necessary until your MYLINE services start. Thank you for your cooperation.

You can keep on using the phone and other equipment you currently use.

  • Watch out for scams! Operators of scams defraud people. They try to sell new phones by telling you that you can no longer use your current phones, ACR, and adapters because of the introduction of these services.

To Internet Users:

Registering with MYLINE or MYLINE PLUS may, in some cases, require changes to your Internet connection settings. For details, please contact your telephone company or ISP (Internet Service Provider).

MYLINE services are not for cellular phones, PHS and other mobile phones, or public phones.

Local and in-prefecture long-distance calls on public phones are placed via the connections of NTT East or NTT West; out-of-prefecture long-distance calls are placed via NTT Communications.

Public phones Local and in-prefecture long-distance calls»»»   NTT East / NTT West
Out-of-prefecture long-distance calls»»»   NTT Communications

International calls from cellular phones, PHS and other mobile phones as well as from public phones should be dialed in the following order; Telephone company's access code + 010 + Country code + Area code + Telephone number.

These services also do not apply to Free Dial /Toll-free(0120), Dial Q2 (0990), Navi Dial (0570), Sharp Dial (#ABCD), 117, 110, 119, 177 (only in cases to hear weather forecasts without dialing a long-distance number), and pink public payphones.

Please note that people who use CATV phones can not register with MYLINE or MYLINE PLUS.


If your registration with MYLINE or MYLINE PLUS results in a change in the company/companies you use for telephoning, please pay special attention to the following points.

  1. After changing your telephone company, you may be unable to use some of the credit card-billed discount services that you used before changing telephone companies.

  2. If you change your telephone company but do not cancel your service contract with a flat-rate discount service, you will continue to be billed monthly for the flat-rate discount service.

  3. If you use an Internet-based discount service, you will need to set the access code of the discount service provider on your PC, etc.

  4. When canceling your contract with a discount service, you will need to notify your telephone company separately about the cancellation besides making an application to MYLINE or MYLINE PLUS.

* Please contact your telephone company for more information.

What to Do until the Confirmation Postcard Arrives

Things You Should Keep in Mind

For people who use phones equipped with ACR and other special functions.

Below is what will happen when you use a phone that selects the telephone company by ACR or similar functions.

If you use MYLINE...

Then ACR will have priority in selecting the telephone company over your registered telephone company.

Calls made via MYLINE automatically give priority to telephone company selection
by ACR and similar functions.

If you use MYLINE PLUS...

Then your phone will automatically give priority to your registered telephone company.

MYLINE PLUS automatically gives priority to the telephone company you've registered.

With MYLINE PLUS, you may not be able to continue using ACR and similar functions. Please contact your telephone company if you have questions about ACR.

Voice Prompt You May Hear When You Use MYLINE PLUS

When you use MYLINE PLUS and directly dial the access code of a telephone company that you haven't registered or you let ACR select a telephone company you haven't registered, you'll be notified in the following ways that you are being connected to the telephone company that you've registered.

1) Customers who use an ordinary subscriber phone will be notified by voice prompts of the telephone company to which they are connected.

2) Customers who use ISDN (voice, 3.1 kHz audio) may hear a voice prompt with information about the telephone company they are connected to in addition to seeing the access code of the telephone company they are connected to displayed on the screen of their telephone equipment.

3) Customers who use ISDN (64 kb/s asynchronous digital) will see a display showing the access code of the telephone company they've been connected to.

Destination number (telephone number dialed) >> Voice prompt >> Normal ring tone >> Connection to destination number