The MYLINE service will be terminated on a regional basis starting in January 2024 due to the transition of landline telephones (analog lines, INS Net) to an IP network.
After the service ends, its users will automatically be switched to the calling service of their respective telephone companies based on their MYLINE registration status as of the end of June 2023.
Additionally, reception of new registrations and changes to MYLINE ended on November 30, 2023.


FAQ on Application

Please tell me how to apply.
For procedures on applying for the MYLINE service, please inquire at your telephone company.
  • Depending on the policy of the telephone company, you may be required to conclude a separate call service contract with the telephone company in order to be eligible for the MYLINE service. For details, please inquire at your telephone company.
Will there be any charge for putting back into service a line that had been suspended?
No fee will be charged if the new application is for the same type of line that was originally suspended.
Click here for more information on the registration fee.
I use ISDN and have two subscriber numbers on one line.
Do I have to apply separately for each number?
In the case of ISDN, the subscriber only applies for line numbers.
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