FAQ on Charges

How much does it cost to apply for MYLINE?
Registration and changes will be charged ¥880 (including tax).
There is no monthly charge for the use of MYLINE or MYLINE PLUS.
Click here for more information on the registration fee.
Will a fee be charged if I haven't applied?
No fee will be charged if you haven't applied.
If I apply, will there be a monthly basic fee or service charge?
There is no monthly basic charge or service fee.
Will a registration fee be charged if I move?
After you move, you can keep on using the service without re-applying. No registration fee will be charged at that time. If the area you move to is outside the service area of the telephone company you have been using, no fee will be charged for your change of registration to a new telephone company.

* Free changes apply only to those calling categories that will be outside the service region of the telephone companies you have registered. A fee will be charged for changes to other calling categories.

How will fees or charges be billed?
Basic fees will be charged by NTT East or NTT West as they have been so far, while telephone calls will be charged by your telephone company. The registration fee will be included in a regular invoice issued by NTT East or NTT West.